Canon 90D DSLR Camera, what we think about it, our review

Posted by Tom on 9/29/2019
Canon 90D that looks like top shelf offering Crop Sensor DSLR from Canon with the 32 megapixel sensor that seems to be shaking up the camera game for Canon in this niche. 
4K Video seems to be standard now so canon has no excuse not to include any more, but they found a way to limit video in another way, for a true professional filmmaker, they took the option of 24 frames per second out, it's nowhere on the menu.  Till now we have not hear of any reason why they have done so, we're left to theorize on our own, and do think that was a protective move by canon, as this camera is so good.  I enjoy the body much more than 6Dmark II and that's to added controls on the body and the joystick.

Why You Should Buy the ProMediaGear Monopod

Posted by on 4/12/2019
Why You Should Buy the ProMediaGear Monopod

From lenses to tripods, from cases and covers to editing software, there are a ton of options when it comes to producing and finishing your photography and videography.

Does using a Flash Bracket take better photos?

Posted by Tony Papa on 8/31/2018 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES
Does using a Flash Bracket take better photos?

A Flash Bracket is a photographic tool designed to keep your flash centered and above the lens when switching from Landscape to Portrait shots. A flash bracket will assist in eliminating red-eye and awkward shadows creating a more pleasing and consistent photograph. The ProMediaGear Boomerang Flash Bracket Series is our modular Flash Bracket designed around those benefits and so much more.

OCF Mounting Options for the Boomerang Flash Bracket

Posted by Tony on 3/27/2018 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES

Mounting an external OCF (off camera flash) to the Boomerang Flash Bracket is very simple and easy to accomplish. ProMediaGear offers multiple options to adapt to various shooting situation.

1) Basic Mounting
2) Basic Mounting w/ Modifiers
3) Advanced Mounting w/ Modifiers
4) Advanced Mounting w/ Better Balance and Modifiers

Nikon Announced D850 Higher Resolution Higher Speed for Photo and Video

Posted by Tom on 8/28/2017 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES

Nikon D850 finally a 35mm camera that can compete head to head with Medium Format cameras.  This sure will be a huge release for fellow Nikonians and ProMediaGear will be there to support them. 

34 Series Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod Release

Posted by Tony Papa on 3/28/2017 to NEWS / PRODUCT UPDATES
34 Series Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod Release
Just Launched! Pro-Stix 34 Series, 3 and 4 Section Carbon Fiber Tripods

Orland Park, IL: ProMediaGear Introduces "Pro-Stix" Series Carbon Fiber Tripods featuring 34mm diameter, 10x layer top legs and a machined aluminum apex. The latest 34 series consists of 4 Models TR343, TR343L, TR344, TR344L.
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